Walter & Tandoori, good green fun!

The series features everyday life stories of two best friends: Walter, an inventor and fix-it specialist, and Tandoori, a hyper-active chicken who often gets the pair into crazy predicaments! Like all great duos, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Shrek and the donkey, one character “makes the mess” [Tandoori ] and the other [Walter] saves the day, usually with zany, very inventive ideas.

Walter’s pro-environmental world view is always infectious and fun. Living green, while not spoken, is in Walter’s DNA - he races cars to work using his trusty bicycle built for two, and when he spots garbage dumping at sea, he jumps overboard from a cruise ship to clean up when he’s supposed to be relaxing celebrating his birthday! The pair ensures that every episode is packed with slapstick, situational humor - the signature hallmarks of the Walter & Tandoori animated series.

Walter & Tandoori
2D animated series
104 x 11 minutes, in HD

Years of production: 2010-2013

Inspired by a character created by: Marcel-Romain Thériault and Sylvain Viau
Produced by: Corporation Image Entertainment inc.
Producer: Sylvain Viau
Director: Daniel Decelles
Story Editor: Thomas LaPierre
Music by: Daniel Scott
Distribution: Image-ICC Ltée
Broadcaster: Société Radio-Canada, Unis TV

With the financial participation of:

  • Quebec SODEC tax credit
  • Canada - film or video production tax credit
  • Fond Action CSN
  • Société Radio-Canada
  • Bell Fund
  • Fidec - Société en commandite
  • FIBR Inc.
  • Oasis Animation
  • Vision Global
  • Audio Postproduction SPR