Walter & Tandoori


Walter is a likeable man with a youthful temperament. He loves to play, acts on instinct, and has child-like control of his impulses.

Walter’s pro-environmental world view is always infectious and fun, but never preachy or lecturing. Walter is a doer and a problem solver, and is always playful.

Walter can’t stand the idea of throwing anything away and always manages to give discarded things a new life. He’s an inventor and runs a Fix-It Shop.

Walter speaks his own unique (onomatopoeic) language that all human characters in the series understand.

The old lady neighbour
Old lady neighbour

She’s very proud of her completely weed free lawn and flowers that glow in the dark. She also has a small Chihuahua that’s as loud as it is tiny. A rivalry has developed between the diminutive dog and Tandoori, and the two never miss an opportunity to play dirty tricks on each other.

The industrial villain
Industrial villain

Short, ugly and mean spirited, this character embodies those big companies that spill oil, discharge radioactive clouds, cause acid rain to fall, etc. Walter and Tandoori run into him repeatedly during their travels to the four corners of the earth.


Walter’s sidekick, Tandoori is a hyper-active chicken with an Indian accent that often gets the pair into crazy predicaments.

Tandoori was freed from a chicken farm during a Green Beasts protest, and since then Walter and Tandoori have become inseparable friends.

Tandoori loves to cook and eat (he’s a vegetarian), sing and dance, and can get totally obsessed with what he’s doing (with a video game, becoming famous, setting a world record).

Even though Tandoori is a chicken, he sometimes thinks he’s smarter than Walter. Tandoori plays along with the notion that Walter is the boss and he’s second in command, but in reality they depend on one another and are equal in their innocence and friendship.

Mr. Muscles
Mr. Muscles

A strapping fellow and a big fan of anything large, noisy and polluting, he keeps his thunderous muscle car running all day long even when it’s parked in his driveway, and his industrial sized barbecue grill is large enough to roast an entire cow. He loves firing up his 8 cylinder turbo charged lawn mower very early on Sunday mornings. Muscles, Walter, and Tandoori have a love/hate relationship and Tandoori enjoys competing (and usually beating) Muscles at games and sports.